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She knew it was going to be good...but even SHE was surprised at the response!

Hey [name],

My friend Margaret Lynch recently released a brand new training series and it has quickly become recognized as HER BEST TRAINING SERIES EVER.

Seriously. LOOK at one of the OVER 3500 comments she got on her videos:

“Simply put – the best training videos I’ve ever seen. There’s so much there I’ll definitely be watching them again. Really looking forward to the next one.
Thank you so much!”

(And this is really saying something - because Margaret is a GIVER and is known for the valuable content she shares with her followers!)

Here’s where it gets really good - for YOU:

Because she’s received SUCH an incredible response from the THOUSANDS of people watching the training videos she put out last week, she decided to make it FREELY AVAILABLE TO YOU - all on ONE PAGE…

Amazingly, she’s even letting you DOWNLOAD all three full-length training videos - PLUS all 5 PDF handouts!
...I highly suggest you GET THEM NOW! (before she pulls them down!):

...Because she WILL take this down… SOON.

Because the content she’s sharing is taken directly from her top coaching program - the best of the BEST - she can’t leave it up forever.

So if you want to get her most EFFECTIVE processes and techniques - content that - until now - she’s only shared with her paid clients, then go check it out NOW: JUST CLICK HERE

So I’m pushing you hard here - but that’s because I know that if you’re a struggling coach, healer or practitioner, (or if you haven’t even started yet), it can be overwhelming to take that first step to the next level.

...And if you don’t check this series out now, you’re going to miss out on what might be the most important FREE training you’ll see this year.

So before it’s gone, watch it all HERE

All you have to do is click on the link, and you’ll get access not only to the videos, but the DOWNLOADS of the entire training - and all the handouts...
including FREE ACCESS to Margaret’s Proven Techniques and Processes that her paid clients use to become Confident, THRIVING Coaches, Healers & Practitioners.

You’re going to be SO glad you read this email today! :)

Matthew Farrell

P.S. YOU DESERVE to have this information. I know that it will empower you to Live Your Purpose with confidence and make the difference you’re meant to make in the world.

and start living your purpose

Tapping Into Wealth

How to get more clients & better results

My good friend Margaret Lynch has recently become aware of a real problem in our industry.

She’s guilty of it, I’m guilty of it, and worst of all….your progress may have been hindered because of it.

Before I tell you what it is, here’s a little background on Margaret because I think her story will really resonate with you (and more than that, you’ll see how you’ll actually BENEFIT from her confession…)

8 years ago, Margaret was a single mom, her daughter was 9, she was a part-time “practitioner” (long before she ever called herself a coach) and she was DYING to escape her soul-draining corporate job.  

Even though she was great at her modality, she was still failing in 2 critical ways ...
she wasn't making enough money and
she wasn't REALLY transforming the few clients she had (the way she knew was possible)
and she was running out of money...fast.

This was supposed to be her dream and instead she felt scared, frustrated, alone and very disappointed.

She'd fallen off the "Confidence Cliff" so many times, her nickname should have been "CRASH."

BUT - she had a dream... a soul felt, life-time belief that "I could & should transform people’s lives."

So she put her “engineer hat” BACK ON and created practical, usable steps to help reach the next level…

Now, she wants to show you some of her very BEST secrets...the ones she’s only ever shared with her inner circle members. Why?

Because the world needs helpers, now, more than ever.

And Margaret’s confession is this: as an industry, we hardly ever talk about the practical, usable things you need to do to become a successful “helper.”

Issues like getting bigger, measurable RESULTS that people can see and feel...  And how to have a steady stream of paying clients if you want to make a real, stable living at this.

Instead, we talk in fuzzy, “woo-woo” terms about things like “transformation”,  “energy” and “healing”...

Margaret realized that she only talks REAL “nuts and bolts” to the coaches she trains inside her programs...  And she’s begun to see how WRONG this is.  

And because that has not served you, Margret’s set out to change it.

We want you to have a crystal clear start to your 2016
We want you to have your best year helping people
EVER… both financially and spiritually.

So, Margaret’s decided to give YOU her best, most proven,
results-based tools and resources in a NEW training series!


At no cost, and with no strings attached:

A Step-by-Step, easy to follow ROAD MAP, to building a profitable and freedom-based business by helping others have dramatic, life transforming results.

Because we believe that the world NEEDS YOU - and I know that this information will help you transform people’s lives in a really big way!

And it all starts TODAY with your first training video Margaret calls:
Results & Commitment

Click Here

In today’s video, you’re going to learn:

What Thriving, Confident Healers, Practitioners & Coaches ACTUALLY DO to make a great living helping others, without EVER having to “Sell” or Convince Skeptics.
The 3 Biggest Mistakes beginners make when “helping” others - and how it actually prevents them from getting the kind of real results that gets people committed to the process…
The critical danger zones you need to avoid if you want to build a real, stable practice and have the freedom to live your purpose!
The Step-by-Step ACTION PLAN successful helpers follow so that they never get stuck not knowing what to do next…

PLUS... a Downloadable Quiz that will open your eyes to why you may have been struggling up until now..

You’ll be able to take the “4 Stages of Being a Confident, Thriving Helper” Self-Assessment Quiz to find out exactly where you are, what Danger Zones to avoid and how to LEAP to the next level - quickly, and with much less heartache!

It’s ready for you NOW: Click Here

Here’s to 2016 being your best year YET!

Over this series, Margaret is going to open the vault and show you more PRACTICAL, nuts and bolts than she’s ever given in a free training! You’ll also get access to some amazing training PDFs - including compelling client attraction scripts and a “results in advance” process you can use immediately… that will boost results and eliminate selling forever…
...all to to dramatically accelerate your results in 2016.

She’s going to give you LOTS of handouts, so we highly suggest that you get a 3 ring binder to keep everything handy... you'll be using them all year as you:

practice and refine the practical steps I’ll teach you
gain confidence
help more people and grow a stable practice

Here’s what Margaret labeled her notebook:
Living my Life Purpose Transforming Others:
The Proven Systems for Getting Dramatic Results
and Lots of Clients (without Selling!)

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